The philosophy behind Hampton Roads Doulas is a desire for families to receive exceptional care tailored to their specific needs so they can focus on enjoying each memorable moment in their birth and postpartum journey. Each Hampton Roads Doulas professional provides unwavering, nonjudgemental support, allowing for our clients to embrace their experiences, and build the foundation for their family’s unique story.

& Birth

Our doulas have top-notch training and are held to the highest standards. We embrace whatever path you find most important for your journey without bias or judgment. Our doulas’ familiarity with various types of birth means you’ll have expert guidance, no matter how your baby’s birth story is written.

& Newborn

The first few months of your baby’s life will be chock-full of memorable moments, both subtle and profound. Your Hampton Roads postpartum doulas will allow you the space to enjoy every one of these moments without having to focus on the little details of everyday life.

Birth & Postpartum

Navigating this pregnancy and parenting thing can feel overwhelming, right? And Google doesn’t always help. Take any of our NO BS classes to help you get the information you need without the added fluff.


You’re looking for the best doula support. We recognize that our clients’ time is valuable and by providing exceptional support, we allow them to embrace the moments they want to remember most. We pride ourselves on utilizing nothing less than the highest industry standards to meet the unique needs of each family we serve.


We are proud to serve families with diverse backgrounds.  We embrace your family no matter your race, creed, color, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, sex, gender, disability, or religion. We commit to taking an active role in educating ourselves on your specific needs.

Training & Certification

All of our doulas are proud to be trained and certified through the exceptional doula organization, ProDoula. Utilizing a ProDoula means you have someone who is committed to providing nonjudgmental support, compassionate care, and exudes professionalism within the community.