Time Stopped Today | SCOTUS Ruling

same sex marriage

“Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide.”

Wow. What a headline to read today. A headline that many (including myself) thought would never be printed, and if it did, then it would be many years down the road. It took a while to sink in once I read it. I saw more and more people reposting various news stories and articles highlighting this historic ruling. I searched for an article that struck my eye and as I re-read the decision for about the 50th time, it finally hit me, like a ton of bricks; I can live anywhere…ANYWHERE in my country with my family, and we will be legally recognized as a married couple, and a true family.

Then I cried.

The tears just flowed as I thought about my wife, and looked at our beautiful children. This family that we created out of love (with a little help from science and Mr. Donor!) is now afforded the same rights and privileges as any other family across this entire country. I knew it meant so much to me to have this happen one day, but until this dream actually came to fruition, I guess I didn’t know quite how much.

This SCOTUS ruling came 8 short months after our marriage was recognized in Virginia, where we live. Virginia already has a history when it comes to marriage equality. Loving v. Virginia, was the ruling by the Supreme Court in 1967 which struck down Virginia’s ban on interracial marriage, thanks to one white man and one black woman who didn’t let anything (even jail) keep them from loving each other; fighting for their freedom to express that love and enjoy equal rights. Now, less than 50 years later, ALL people have the right to marry whomever they love.


Such a powerful word. People have fought for the love of many things. I’m thankful for all the people who fought this battle so that my family can have the freedom to live equally in any corner of the United States. I’m thankful for my wife, Jessica, who married me on January 22, 2011, (in Connecticut, because it wasn’t legal here), and who loves me every single day. I’m thankful for my children, our pride and joy, and two amazing gifts from God. I’m thankful for the family and friends who support us unconditionally.


Another amazing word. Today, I am especially proud to be an American, and even more so, to be a Lesbian American. Today I don’t have to hide at all. As of today, I won’t ever have to worry about going to another state and wondering how we will handle taxes, documents, or even visiting Jessica in a hospital. Because of today, I won’t have to worry about my wife’s parental rights being challenged in another state that doesn’t recognize our marriage, and thus could challenge our children’s birth certificates. Thanks to today, I won’t have to explain to my children that their moms aren’t “officially” married in certain states. I am proud that they will grow up never having remembered a day when equality wasn’t the literal law of the land.

June 26, 2015.

It is so hard to express in words the feeling that is inside of me, welling up, building to a crescendo. To some, this will be just another day. But to me, and so many others…this day will forever be life-altering. A positive spin on another “day that will live in infamy.”

Time stopped today, and all the imperfect things temporarily vanished to give way to love.

Today was perfect.

Authored by: Kathleen Rucka

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