What Should I Put On My Baby Registry?

baby registry

“What should I put on my baby registry” is such a common question among expectant parents! And believe it or not, choosing items for a baby registry is often a difficult decision. Do you list every little thing in hopes that people get a lot? Do you only put the top items because most people like to buy what they want for a new baby whether or not it’s on your list? Well we have tried to make a simple list of the most important items to get you started. See what you think!

1. A good car seat is a must.

But just being expensive does not necessarily make it good. Having it properly installed makes it good! Read more about car seat safety, and take a look at our favorite infant car seat and convertible car seat.

2. A baby monitor is such a great tool to have peace of mind for your little one.

You can even use it as they grow into toddlerhood, and beyond. We like the Infant Optics monitor, because one parent unit can be linked to four cameras. This comes in handy when potential siblings come along, or for use as nanny cams in various rooms.

3. Play mats are a nice bonus for babies as they become more aware of their surroundings.

You can use them for “wiggle time” on their backs, or for the very important tummy time. They can also be placed in a playpen if you have the need for added safety – say if you have pets or older children. This mat is a good example of what’s available today for our tiniest learners.

4. Birth and postpartum services are often put on registries for expectant parents.

We recommend adding a birth doula team, postpartum doula hours, as well as lactation support if you plan to breastfeed. You can even add birth photography to your registry and make sure to capture those special moments that become even more important than those depicted in your coveted wedding photos.

5. SLEEP!!

Now, can you list sleep on your baby registry? Maybe not. But you CAN list the aforementioned postpartum doula support, as well as a sleep consultant. Sleep consultants are knowledgeable about all things sleep, and is able to analyze and adjust their recommendations based on your specific child’s needs. Long gone are the days of the emotionally stressful hours filled with crying (from both you and the baby!) while trying to work on getting everyone more sleep. Now we have reputable people who will work with you to craft a personalized sleep plan that is both healthy and effective for all involved. For getting your baby to sleep through the night in a safe and lasting way, we exclusively refer to Megan Robert, sleep consultant and owner of After The Stork. You will not be sorry you reached out to her!

6. If you plan on breastfeeding, then you will need a few staples.

A pump is the obvious starting point. Medela is a great brand, and it is very versatile. Most people choosing to go with Medela select the Pump in Style Advanced. Some awesome accessory items are a hands-free pumping bra, breastpads, nipple cream, and storage bags. Some insurances cover breast pumps, but they may not allow for much variety, so you can put one on your baby registry instead.

7. Good sleep for your baby.

One key to accomplishing this in the early newborn days is to make them feel as if they are still in the womb. Something that explains this further is The Happiest Baby on the Block. It is available in DVD and book form. Along with this, you will at a minimum, want to have swaddles, and a white noise machine!

8. A nasal aspirator.

You will get a bulb syringe from the hospital, but it is impossible to clean them thoroughly, and they have a tendency to mold and mildew very quickly. Not to mention, once the baby is past a few weeks old, it is no longer very effective. We recommend an aspirator that is powered by your own lung capacity. A popular one is the Nosefrida. This, coupled with a baby saline spray, works miracles for stuffy baby noses!

9. Having a playpen, pack and play, play yard, or whatever you prefer to call it, can be very convenient.

You can use them as a bassinet in your room, as a place to nap that isn’t the crib in multi-level homes, or for travel. As the baby grows, a few toys thrown in can keep them safe and entertained while you get some things done at home, or just take a breather. There are many varieties, but this one has a lot of popular features.

10. Help with teething.

Something that babies will love to gnaw on once they learn to hold things, whether they are cutting teeth yet or not, is a must. The banana teether is our absolute favorite of the non-frozen variety!


As you go through your registry, you will add and subtract so many different items.  Keep in mind that there is very little you truly NEED, so go with your research, advice from friends and family, your intuition…or a combo of all of those sources. Above all, enjoy collecting the items that will make life with your new baby more enjoyable and convenient!

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