Better Things to Put on Your Baby Registry

baby registry

The much anticipated baby registry. We all know what goes on them. We ooh and ahh over some super cute baby clothes. And that bassinet? OHHMMYYGAWWWSHHH. What about those adorable linens that match the lamp you found in that boutique? Of course there are the basics like bottles, pacifiers, monitors, bath stuff, blankets, toys, and books.

Look, the baby registry has been done time and time again. It’s predictable. And at some point during the baby shower you wonder where the hell you’re going to fit all of these outfits that this child will surely grow out of after a few weeks.

And then you get home from the hospital with your baby and realize there were some things you could have added to that list to help you through the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience beyond the basic baby supplies.

Here is our list of unconventional products/services that you should be adding to your baby registry. Keep in mind, self care is vital, and some of these recommendations focus on that rather than the tangible baby basics. Often friends and family are looking for ways to provide more in-depth support to you and your little one from afar without adding another onesie to the pile. Here’s where you can start:

  1. Meal Delivery Service
    Want to eliminate the need to spend hours grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking freezer meals that will taste just okay in the early days? Worried about getting yet another lasagna from a well-intentioned friend or family member? Is having nutritious, delicious food important to your postpartum recovery? Find a local company that is willing to do the work for you and place those meals on your door step, ready-to-heat. Most of these companies have gift cards available for friends and family to buy and you can work out the details of your dietary preferences with the chef. Our local recommendation in Hampton Roads is Boxed Gourmet.
  2. House Cleaning Service
    Nothing can be more frustrating in the first couple weeks home than having to worry about scrubbing your toilet, dusting your shelves, and wiping down cabinets. Allow your loved ones to purchase gift cards to put towards a weekly or bi-monthly deep cleaning of your home, giving you extra time to enjoy those snuggles with baby, or even a nap for yourself! We love MaidPro!
  3. Prenatal Massage
    The end of pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable. As your body changes and grows to accommodate this new life, various discomforts pop up, emotional stress takes it toll, and at some point a well deserved massage can come in to save the day! Be sure to find someone who is trained to work safely on pregnant clients! Head over to Hampton Roads Prenatal Massage!
  4. Parent/Child Classes and Gyms
    At some point, every parent it looking to get out of the house with their baby to meet other families and see something other than the same 4 walls of their home. Local classes & workshops often come with some sort of a membership fee, so add this to your registry as a way for loved ones to help facilitate family bonding and socializing! We, hands down, love sending our clients to The Little Gym. Check out their memberships and add it to your registry!
  5. Professional Birth & Postpartum Doula Support
    When it comes to navigating the birth and postpartum experience, there’s nothing better than having a handy sidekick who is an expert in the industry. A professional birth doula will provide support through your pregnancy and into the delivery room for both you and your partner. Once you get home, a postpartum doula transitions seasmlessy into that space to provide comfort, reassurance, and hands on guidance in figuring out this new family dynamic. When friends and family are far (or even near!) and want to ensure you have meaningful help from a trusted professional, they can reach out to us, Hampton Roads Doulas, to help pay for these kinds of services.

The big question is, how do you create a registry where you can put not only your baby staples on it but also the services you’d like to utilize? BabyList is an incredible app where you can converge various products and services all under one registry. It makes life easier, especially in this time where we no longer have Babies R Us around to help out with registries. Plus, as you’re navigating Pinterest at 2 a.m. during your nightly pee break and you find that thing you absolutely must have, you can seamlessly hop over to the app and add it!

What unique item or service did you put on your registry?

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