Best Baby Shower Gift

best baby shower gift

You’ve been invited to a loved-one’s baby shower and you’re frantic. Maybe you’re shopping last minute or maybe you simply like to do it right by giving a quality gift.

Who doesn’t want to give the absolute best baby shower gift? You sift through the internet wondering what the lastest and best baby items are or maybe you’re trying to find a little gift for an expecting parent.

List after list tells you the hottest trends for babies in 2019 including the latest technology or eco-friendly baby products.

And yet nothing jumps out at you.

I’m here to save you from the stress and burden of finding that special something. The best baby shower gift of 2020 is…

…anything that is on their registry.

I say this with love and kindness: your special sought out gift is not more important than the items these parents have tirelessly picked out to ensure it meets their needs, wants, and appropriately fits in the space of their home.

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t play it up.

Don’t think that just because it’s on the registry it is less-than. Or boring. Or whatever other lies your brain is telling you.

Take pride in knowing that what you’ll give these parents is EXACTLY what they want and need for them and their child. So hop on that registry, pick out a few items within your budget, and enjoy the fact that they won’t have to fake a smile because that random artisan one of a kind, 200 pound, made of special wood from the Amazon forest,  rocking horse won’t fit in their 1 bedroom apartment.

The only exception? Cold. Hard. Cash.

From your resident doula, who gets to hear about all the unwanted gifts clients have to return because it wasn’t on the registry,

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