Infant Feeding

Professional support is crucial in helping you navigate this sometimes challenging, but rewarding journey of feeding your child. Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, formula feeding, or a combination of some, we can help! Have our highly qualified professional provide you with the support you need. Whether you’re interested in a prenatal consultation to discuss your specific goals, need help with your baby’s latch, would like an expert to observe a feeding, or are interested in pumping as you prepare to return to work, we will provide you with compassionate and knowledgeable guidance. Our visits are done in the comfort of your own home and will provide you with the high quality care you and your baby deserve. Services can include:

  • Infant Feeding 101 Class
  • Initial Feeding Visit (up to 2 hours)
  • Follow-Up Visits
  • Phone Consultations

Visits can include:

-Observation of a feeding

– Evaluation of mother’s breasts and infant’s oral anatomy

– An individualized feeding care plan for

– Investigation into cause of concern

– Assistance with bottle feeding or combination feeding

– Assistance with pumping and/or preparing to return to work while maintaining a healthy breastfeeding relationship.