Birth Doulas

Where memories begin

Think back on all the special moments that have happened in your life and the rush of emotions that came with them. Excitement, nervousness, apprehension, joy, determination. When those stories are told, it brings back those feelings, as if you’re experiencing that moment all over again. Your first kiss, the first day of school, your first week at your dream job…


The day of your child’s birth will be another story to be shared for years to come. Giving birth can be everything from overwhelming to breathtaking. Your doulas will take their time listening to exactly how you envision this day unfolding, and provide you with unwavering support every step of the way.


You will have a team of two doulas throughout your pregnancy to be whatever you need, whether that is a resource, confidant, expert, or sidekick. When the big day arrives, you can rest assured that your Hampton Roads birth doula will be there to provide guidance and reassurance, making this occasion unforgettable. She will help instill strength and confidence for both you and your partner.


An expert by your side, every step of the way.

personalized support

Our doulas have top-notch training and are held to the highest standards. This ensures you receive the most personalized and professional support available. We embrace whatever path you find most important for your journey without bias or judgment. Our doulas’ familiarity with various types of birth means you’ll have expert guidance, no matter how your baby’s birth story is written.


“Throughout the entire pregnancy I was able to get information and support with ease and relief that I would have a skilled set of extra hands to guide me through the process. She helped to make my experience a memorable journey.”

– Danielle

“It was reassuring to know my wife was going to have a knowledgeable caring woman by her side. It took a lot of pressure off of me and enabled me to stay by my wife’s side throughout the process.”

– Owen