Postpartum Doulas


We hear it all the time. Time flies! Before you know it, their first birthday has come and gone, they’ve taken their first steps, and a few blinks later, they’re getting on the bus to attend their first day of school. While we can’t stop time for you, we can help you lay a strong foundation for your growing family.

The first few months of your baby’s life will be chock-full of memorable moments, both subtle and profound. Your Hampton Roads postpartum doulas will allow you the space to enjoy every one of these moments without having to focus on the little details of everyday life.

Fostering the Bond

Whether this is your first or fifth baby, the pressure to have it all together soon after you’ve given birth is overwhelming for many families. Your doula’s skills and expertise means she will anticipate your family’s needs, giving you the freedom to flourish while she takes care of the details behind the scenes. You won’t have to choose between having a smooth running household and bonding with your little one. With your postpartum doula, you can have it all.

Your doula is there to help foster the bond between you and your baby, support the parenting philosophy that is right for your family, all while offering reliable, up-to-date information when you want it. Sometimes that means caring for your baby while you shower or nap for the first time in days, providing overnight relief to help you feel refreshed, or even extending emotional support while you navigate the emotions of this unforgettable journey called parenthood. We’ve also been known to cook a warm, delicious meal or two.

Enjoy creating these memorable experiences with your child for years to come with the support of a professional postpartum doula.